Sunday, April 22, 2018

Visit to a Gurdwara- 20-4-18

The school organised a visit to a gurdwara for the kids to mark World Heritage Week. They learnt the significance of the chant "Satnam Waheguru" and "Ik Onkar".

Cyber Safety- 16-4-18

An activity on Cyber Safety was conducted wherein the students spoke on the relationship between "Mobile phones and children: pros and cons". The students exhibited their views on the same. 

Special Assembly - 5-4-18

The students were felicitated for their achievements in different fields such as reading, writing, good communication skills etc., by our Honorable Principal ma'am Mrs. Anita Wadehra. A warm welcome was given to the students for the new academic session.

Fun Day 16-10-18

The teachers organized a fun day story telling session for students to give them a break from their routine. Story dramatization was done f...